Sydney’s controversial service of alcohol laws, introduced alongside lockout laws by the O’Farrell State Government earlier this year, are set to get even stricter.

From July, shots, doubles and pre-mixed drinks will be banned after midnight for CBD venues, NSW Hospitality Minister Tony Grant has announced.

Patrons will also be prevented from buying more than four drinks at a time after midnight, and more than two drinks after 2am – so the tactic of loading up on drinks before the 3am curfew on alcohol service is over.

Grant said, “We’ve got a clear message for those buffoons who bring a bad image and name to our city and behave appallingly to lead to violence: enough is enough. We’re not going to cop it anymore.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Police Minister Stuart Ayres said the announcement was “a very positive step forward for Sydney”. The laws are an extension of the restrictions already in place in the Kings Cross district.

The new measures will be enforced across the CBD from Friday July 18.

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