Two of Cronulla’s most vibrant music and art spaces, Space 44 and El Sol, will be torn down to make way for more stores and more apartments.

As the Sutherland Shire wrote: “Replacing them will be the construction of a six-storey mixed commercial and residential development including 4 commercial stores on the ground floor, 18 residential apartments above, a rooftop communal area and 34 basement parking spaces to accommodate with access via the rear on Wilbar Lane.”

That’s a relief. Also dubious is the note regarding an “iconic Morton Bay Fig Tree” which sits/lives/grew near the development. According to an arborist report: “less than 10% [of the tree] will need to be removed.” I’m not sure removing “iconic” trees by percentages is a good idea.

Musician Ruby Fields shared her disappointment her FB page, writing, “I met everyone I know here and started my art/music in these very places. It doesn’t stop”, adding a sarcastic “Cheers council! My mates and I are gutted.”

Here’s a song The Living End wrote about this very thing (they don’t mention the Morton Bay Fig).

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