A new crime report has revealed that Sydney’s controversial lockout laws are simply displacing incidents of violence and assault to other areas of the city.

The new report by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, as revealed in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, has uncovered clear statistics proving the anecdotal evidence that the lockouts have merely moved the problem.

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The areas where violence has increased include those adjacent to the lockout zone, including The Star casino, Ultimo and Surry Hills, plus Newtown, Bondi Beach, Coogee and Double Bay.

According to theSMH, the new research covers the first 32 months of the laws up to September 2016.

There was a 12 per cent increase in assaults at the neighbouring areas to the lockout zone, including The Star, Ultimo and Surry Hills, while the Double Bay, Newtown and Bondi precincts saw a 17 per cent increase in incidents.

Meanwhile, the lockout zone itself saw a decrease in violence, with a drop of 49 per cent in Kings Cross – which has seen its patronage decimated since the new laws – while assualts in the CBD have fallen 13 per cent.

Photo: Ashley Mar

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