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The BRAG #731

Manning Bar

Little Rock doom metal giants Pallbearer, standing in the midst of a forest.

Pallbearer had the Manning Bar in mourning (in a good way)

It's clear from the outset that the Little Rock-based quartet are appreciative of every person that's made the effort to venture out into the cold to see them.

UK power metal band Dragonforce, from left - Frédéric Leclercq, Vadim Pruzhanov, Sam Totman, Marc Hudson, Herman Li, Gee Anzalone

Dragonforce proved both their skill and their age

What can one expect going into a show by British power metal heavyweights Dragonforce? This far on from the worldwide sensation of Guitar Hero, the shape of the night was anyone’s guess.

Pallbearer’s Joseph D. Rowland looks forward to touring their definitive album, Heartless

Arkansas four-piece Pallbearer are coming Down Under.

What’s in a meme? Backstage with Shannon Noll, Australia’s favourite internet icon

It turns out Nollsie reads all your comments on his Facebook page: here's what he thinks of them.

Boris’ assault on the senses transformed Manning Bar into a bloodbath

In Australia to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their masterpiece Pink and the 25th year since their formation, the Japanese three-piece were as crushing and uncompromising as one might have expected.

Against Me! brought their inclusivity to the heavy crowd at Manning Bar

There have been a number of festivals copping (well deserved) flack for programming entire lineups that omit one half of the gender spectrum. Those organisers would do well to attend a night like this: a full set of female-identifying musos at the height of their powers. Even more exciting was...

Alcest redefined blackgaze once again at their shape-shifting Manning Bar gig

Though it went unacknowledged, Thursday night’s relocated gig acted as the unintended eulogy for one of Sydney’s late, great venues, and the former home of shoegazing. Newtown Social Club, we hardly knew ye. Still, if ever the ‘blackgaze’ fan base had a natural place of shelter, it would the Manning...

Five Minutes with Alastair Taylor from The Official Top Ten Night

What’s the idea behind Laugh Hard and The Official Top Ten Night? The Official Top Ten Night exists to put on events that bring communities together, born from a love of top ten lists. It started with me and a mate sharing our Top Ten Songs lists and telling the...

Twelve Foot Ninja: A Stealthy Gang Of Songwriters

The members of Melburnian fusion metal giant Twelve Foot Ninja are a lot of things: adept, intelligent songwriters; crass geniuses behind some of the most confrontational and creative Australian music videos of recent memory; and in-yer-face cultural exports making serious waves overseas. But above everything else, they are also an...

Twelve Foot Ninja Bring The Metal To Manning Bar In March

Melbourne metal band Twelve Foot Ninja will be playing a show at Manning Bar as part of their National Sick tour, which is under way now. Twelve Foot Ninja will hit Sydney’s Manning Bar Saturday March 11 as part of their current tour. The five-piece from Melbourne have been bringing...