Temples are back with a mix of quirky psych-pop tunes for their second release, but there’s an underlying sense that we’ve heard it all before.


It’s hard to imagine what innovation can still be brought to the psych-pop genre, and Temples’ new release is no exception. On Volcano, the band’s sound seems like a strange mix between Tame Impala and The Beach Boys – it just doesn’t feel very original.


The UK band has certainly seen an evolution since Sun Structures, but here the songs take a darker turn and often feel like they’re dragging, caught in repetition. For instance, ‘I Wanna Be Your Mirror’ is almost hymn-like with its circular vocals and grating synth lines, and some tracks are so similar that they start to blur.


But don’t let this completely deter you, as there are some standout moments. ‘Born Into The Sunset’ and ‘Certainty’ are bright, melodic tunes that showcase Temples’ more playful side, while ‘Strange Or Be Forgotten’ is a fun take on a ballad with its delicate twists and turns.


Volcano has some diamonds in the rough to be sure, but that doesn’t mean you should play the album on repeat.

Volcano is out Friday March 3 through Heavenly.

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