If you’re a fan of the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z, you’d undoubtedly be aware of the sort of cultural influence the show has had on people since it first premiered all the way back in 1989. From the catchphrases, epic battles, and to the perpetual closing narration of “Next Time on Dragon Ball Z,” the show was a cultural hit. However, we never really expected ‘screaming like Goku’ to become a thing.

As Concrete Playground reports, depending on the sort of company you keep, you may have seen a number of Facebook events popping up, urging participants to head along to a public place and scream like the Dragon Ball Z character Goku. Well, now this phenomenon has come to Sydney, because of course it has.

Following what seemed to be the first event in New York City’s Washington Square Park last week, many more of these events have been popping up around the world, with a number of them now scheduled for Sydney.

One of these events has been scheduled for the Sydney Opera House on Saturday, September 9th at 4pm. Currently, the event has 3,400 peopled listed as attending, and as for the number of people interested, well, it’s over 9,000.

Of course, this isn’t the only ‘scream like Goku’ event that’s currently scheduled, with others set to occur in Hyde Park on September 23rd, and one on Newcastle’s Nobbys Beach the following day. As Concrete Playground notes, Sydney isn’t the only Aussie city getting involved in all this either, with events also planned for Melbourne’s Federation Square on September 30th, and one at the Wheel Of Brisbane on October 7th.

So if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z, social gatherings, or just plain screaming, head along to one of these events. If you’ve happened to read through this without having any clue just what we’re talking about, then check out the below clip to see exactly what all these attendees will be doing at these events.

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