You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but by golly, an album cover is a whole different scenario. Particularly if it comprises a black-and-white photograph of a monkey with a cartoon-drawn golden crown. Deemed “a sunny slice of Aussie life”, Brisbanite Bart Thrupp’s new release Monkey King showcases the sonic strength of his solitary set-up; his one-man band approach seeing him intersect folk-pop with hip hop.

This is a soundtrack to top off those shrimp-on-the-barbie, cork-hats-swaying-in-the-wind and rubbing-sunscreen-on-my-Southern-Cross-tatt occasions. Thrupp will launch his single up and down the east coast, playing The Old Manly Boatshed on Wednesday October 9, The Newsagency on Sunday October 13 and Kelly’s on King on Sunday October 14.

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