As one half of the ridiculous Tim and Eric team, Tim Heidecker is well-versed in placing ridiculous comedy into the universe which requires (but doesn’t receive) further explanation.

Among his most endearing/ridiculous creations over the past half-decade have been his numerous singles released as Bob Dylan, from his ‘Titanic’ theme — which he released upon learning Dylan was writing a ten minute-plus tribute to the ship and hoping to beat him to the punch — to his Super Bowl single ‘Running Out The Clock’, and his Nobel Prize kiss-off ‘Talkin’ Nobel Prize’,  hurried out within 24 hours of Bob being awarded the prize.

Now he has tackled perhaps the most obvious Dylan-targets of the past 50 years, Donald Trump. It’s a lot less obviously satirical then his other efforts, and less of a Dylan pastiche too. Perhaps he means this one.

Have a listen below.

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