Much-loved Australian actor Toby Schmitz is returning to Australia to direct a limited season of Howie The Rookie, the surreal, grotesque and humerous play by the Irish playwright Mark O’Rowe.

Schmitz will bring to life a world revolving around a scabies-infested mattress, a Siamese fighting fish and an array of components of Dublin’s underworld. Schmitz, who is currently based in South Africa where he is filming Michael Bay’s hit pirate drama series Black Sails, was last seen in Australian theatres in 2013, where he starred in Belvoir’s Hamlet. Howie The Rookie will be showing at the most fitting of locations – the Old Fitzroy – which, in the spirit of things, will play host to a top lineup of Irish bands, Irish whisky and beer to help transport audiences to the streets of Dublin. 

Howie The Rookie will be showing at the Old Fitzroy Hotel from Tuesday September 30 – Saturday October 25. Tickets are $32, which you can grab right here

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