Of all the furious, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them hardcore bands doing the rounds, who’d ever have guessed that little old Trash Talk would become the hippest? The band’s link to the Odd Future collective boosted its profile exponentially, and has given it a crossover coolness to kill for.

Of course, if Trash Talk’s most recent output is anything to go by – 2012’s 119 and this – they might have new proverbial sheep’s clothing, but they’re still the blood-hungry wolves they always were. Sure, the production has stepped up, and the guestlist might be sporting some more out-there names (the album is topped and tailed by collaborations with The Alchemist, King Krule and Wiki), but at their core Trash Talk remain violent and abrasive in their stylistic approach to hardcore punk.

The rage is maintained throughout the brief running time, with the occasional hip hop-flavoured detour serving as a moment to catch your breath. It balances out quite nicely, and Trash Talk themselves are a better band for the progression they’ve made.

Think of No Peace as less of a reinvention of the wheel and more as adding some tricked-out rims to it. Same ride with a different spin.


No Peace is out now through Odd Future/Sony.

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