Venue 505

Venue 505 is a live music venue run by artists that focus on quality performances, development and community engagement in Surry Hills.

208 Cleveland St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Phone: SMS Enquiries - 0419 294 755
External URL: Venue 505

Jack Carty @ Venue 505

Reviewed on Saturday December 13 It’s the tail end of Jack Carty’s nationwide tour promoting his third album, Esk, and...

Hollie Smith @ Venue 505

Reviewed on Thursday November 14 By the end of Annabelle Kay’s set, you wanted to break up with your undeserving...

Here are eight great Sydney venues (that you should have visited already)

For a while there, you couldn’t move but for bumping into news articles about how Sydney is a brittle, fragile...

A guitarist performs onstage in front of a crowd

The inaugural Sydney Guitar Festival is coming to town in 2017

Starting out with a bang, or a twang rather, 2017 marks the inaugural year of the Sydney Guitar Festival.

Karma County Announce Sydney Show 20 Years After Forming

It’s been 20 years since Karma County’s hit ‘Postcard’ was released, and they’re still going strong with the original band...

Damian Wright Trio

Chances are, if you were asked to think of flamenco music, you’d immediately conjure up an image of a beautifully...

Five Things with Matthew Ottignon From Mister Ott


The Bon Scotts

Folk-pop collective The Bon Scotts have just returned with the single ‘Good Times’.

Sydney Fringe Presents Kinski And I For Ten Performances Only

The banned writings of the world’s most depraved movie star hits the stage in a multi-media smorgasbord that’s not for the...

Jack Carty & Jordan Millar Announce 2015 Joint Tour

Singer-songwriters Jack Carty and Jordan Millar have announced that they’ll hit the road together for a special ‘by request” tour...

Liz Stringer & Lucie Thorne Announce 2015 Sydney Show

Two of Australia’s most impressive and revered songwriters, Liz Stringer and Lucie Thorne, are coming together for one night in...

Michael Griffin Announces 2015 Sydney Album Launch Show

Jazz musician Michael Griffin has announced a show in Surry Hills to launch his new album Unexpected Greeting.

The Paris Cats Announce Sydney Cabaret Show

The Paris Cats is a cabaret-style musical celebrating jazzy French beats and Australian flair, coming to Sydney this February.

Songwriters’ Secrets With Liz Stringer


Tell Me Again On Its Way To Shake Up Sydney

Jeanette Cronin’s mind-blowing play Tell Me Again is gearing up to get Sydney audiences thinking about life, the universe and everything.

Michael Duchesne Announces Sydney EP Launch At 505

Making his mark with Team Seal on The Voice season one, Sydney’s Michael Duchesne is ready to launch his debut...

Jack Carty

Raised in the picturesque village of Bellingen on the Mid North Coast, wandering minstrel Jack Carty has always had a...

Jack Carty Announces 2014 Sydney Album Launch Show

Singer-songwriter Jack Carty has added on 25 more dates to his upcoming Australia and New Zealand album launch tour.

Mietta Announces 505 Show

Melbourne performer Mietta has a debut album, A Mad Distance, and she’s bringing it to 505 this month.

Paul Greene & The Other Colours Announce Rescheduled Sydney Show

Paul Greene And The Other Colours’ One Lap Of The Sun national tour continues through Sydney.