Music lovers are inLuck,and not just because they get to enjoy my terrible puns. Tom Vek is back, people!

The wait between albums was significantly less this time around;Luck comes only three years behindLeisure Seizure, which caused such an online frenzy it is rumoured that it nearly broke the internet. Or at least the hipster part of it, which is probably underground somewhere and therefore difficult to repair.

Vek is more than just a pair of glasses, though. The talented multi-instrumentalist has been producing off-kilter pop that breaks as many conventions as moulds.Luck is the grungier side of Vek, and his already released ‘Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)’ features heavy synth pulled straight out of the 90s along with disaffected vocals.

As a teaser, it is the exact mix of mystery and intrigue that have kept Vek fans so devoted since his performance at ‘The Bait Shop’ on The O.C. (yes, really).

Keep your ears open forLuck, which will be released on Friday June 6 via Moshi Moshi/ [PIAS].

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