For The Recently Found Innocentprompts the question, how much stylistic semblance is too much? Here, White Fence mastermind Tim Presley takes the ’60s heyday of Syd Barrett, The Kinks and Small Faces as his point of departure. It’s not a calculated replica, but the 14 tracks of deliciously melodic, psychedelic ’60s pop sure edge close.

So, how does this stylistic debt manifest? Similar to last year’s Cyclops Reap, the record features more acoustic guitar than earlier White Fence releases. But instead of keeping it clean, it’s warped into a myriad of swirling, reverb-drenched shapes. What the LP ultimately rests on is Presley’s vocal melodies, which are a portal straight back to the 1960s’ LSD-laced pop music revolution.

During the LP’s 40 minutes, melodic enjambement, shifting chord sequences and stop-start tempo changes abound. At times there’s a cantering psychic energy, but melodic clarity and relatively refined instrumentation make for a pleasant, dreamlike experience.

It’s not quite a cushiony dream. Rather, it’s akin to a joint-sucking drive into the misty daybreak. Uncertainty and discord are soon to creep through, but for now you can sit back and enjoy the serene freakiness of this moment.


For The Recently Found Innocent is out now throughDrag City / Spunk.

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