An increased touring schedule and overcoming a near-break up culminated in the release of 2011’s Sinners Never Sleep, which beefed up You Me At Six’s sound and proved the band was more than just another pop-rock act.

Three years later and the group’s latest release,Cavalier Youth, has failed to capitalise on the growth and power of its predecessor. While all the vital You Me At Six elements are present – pop sensibilities, edgy rock, and their knack for crafting a great ballad – they have been executed in a way that feels too formulaic, lacking any real kick-in-the-pants memorable moments and stopping the band from making the leap from good to great.

The album isn’t without its highlights – first two singles ‘Lived A Lie’ and ‘Fresh Start Fever’ and the catchyLove Me Like You Used To’ bullseye the target – but for the most part,Cavalier Youthis mediocre. WhileSinners Never Sleepwas full of risks,Cavalier Youthfeels a lot safer, playing on what the band does well but without any real boldness. The result is a catchy and easily digestible album, yet not the standout record we were waiting for.

There is evidence of growth and a handful of impressive tracks but overallCavalier Youthisn’t a memorable release.

3/5 stars

Cavalier Youth out now on Cooking Vinyl.

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