Grace Tame, 2021’s Aussie of the Year and all round legend, has kicked off the New Year in the way all Aussies should: by doing a shoey out of her moon boot.

Last week, Tame announced on Twitter that if she got ten thousand likes on one of her tweets, she would formally perform the shoey for all to witness.

To no one’s surprise, it smashed that number easily, because who wouldn’t want to see our Aussie of the Year do a shoey from a goddamned moon boot?

“We all know I don’t back down,” said the activist for sexual assault survivors.

In a move that Aussie politicians could take a leaf out of, Tame fulfilled her promise to the people, sharing a video of her taking the impressive shoey.

In the minute long video, Grace Tame chugs a can of beer through the holy grail of shoeys — the big one, the monster — the moon boot.

The can is poured in through the toe of the boot, meeting Tame’s lips after a long slide down the leg.

In the background, Jimmy Barnes’ ‘Working Class Man’ is played, providing a true Aussie soundtrack to an Aussie moment the kids will talk about for generations.

Here’s hoping the moon boot was lined with something and not just filled with the sweat of her leg for weeks. Though, it may be more impressive if that wasn’t the case.

Tame was applauded all over Twitter for her glorious exploits as the People’s Shoey Sculler. Move over, Daniel Riccardo.

We’re hoping that the Moon Boot Shoey takes off as a New Year’s Eve tradition for years to come. As long as the owners of the moon boots aren’t hobbling around somewhere, we suppose.

Grace Tame is not the only Aussie who is making her mark as a shoey-er. In recent months, Aussie UFC fighter Tai Tuivasa introduced the shoey to a U.S. crowd, and they were absolutely loving it.

Here’s to Grace Tame, she’s true blue!

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