With the majority of the country subjected to housebound self-isolation, there’s never been a better time to legalise pot. We truly deserve to go through this uncertain time in a blissful Sativa-induced haze. Cannabis activists Who Are We Hurting have instigated a stunt in an attempt to make this dream a reality.

The group of artists have offered Prime Minister Scott Morrison a peace offering by delivering the PM a pound of weed to his Kirribilli House in celebration of the beginning of 4/20/20 and to campaign for the legalisation of cannabis in Australia.

Spokesperson Craze explains that the group wants to publicise discourse around cannabis in Australia, and requests that the government “replace this organised crime with legitimate employment”.

“The sad fact is everybody knows that cannabis isn’t nearly as bad for people as, say, alcohol or cigarettes. But no-one wants to talk about it because it has such a stigma. 

“We’re just hoping to get people talking as we feel that Cannabis can help with anxiety during these troubling times as well as offer additional jobs to help the post-economic effects of this world-wide crisis”

It is important to recognise that the instigators behind the stunt executed it in a way that strictly adhered to social distancing advice and restrictions. These are activists with a moral backbone.

It’s some real Agent Cody Banks shit. The Craze Co has shared footage of the operation preparation on the events Facebook page.


Who Are We Hurting have been executing stunts like this over the past three years. In 2017 the collective leased a shopfront in The Cross and displayed a hydroponic ‘grow’ setup with faux cannabis plants, which led to a police investigation. In 2018, they positioned a bunch of fake weed plants throughout Sydney city. In 2019 they erected a 9-metre tall cannabis statue in Martin Place. The slacker vigilantes we deserve.

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