The 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is putting on a 48-hour performance, if you’re game.

48HR Incident will feature a series of performances, actions and events over a period of 48 hours to excite and challenge both audience and artist. The artists will explore the position of the individual in relation to the group. Performance stimuli ranges from key historical moments to situations present within the 4A group, and the performance will consider the impacts of these actions on the decisions of the individual and group.

48HR Incident is the final instalment in 4A’s five-month project Mass Group Incident. The piece features a diverse range of performers and artists from a variety of backgrounds, including Indonesia, Tonga, Australia, Fiji, USA and Hong Kong.

48HR Incident will take place from 6pm Friday May 29 – 6pm Sunday May 31 at the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. More information is available from their website.