As the cold winter nights begin to draw in, the allure of the warm embrace of a holiday somewhere sunny becomes more difficult to ignore. It just so happens that the best time to visit Darwin is during winter. The Northern Territory is pleasantly dry, the heat isn’t as unbearable, and events like BASSINTHEGRASS bring some electric energy to the area. 

Darwin combines exciting city nights with easygoing sojourns into nature. Feed a crocodile during the day (if you’re brave enough) and relax with a delicious cocktail at night; it’s striking contrasts like this that make the city one full of surprises.

If you decide to head for some sun, sea, and sand up in NT this year, then, these five things should give you the best start to your trip. The city won’t remain underrated for much longer.

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Top End Safari Camp

Far from the blanketing urban skies of Australia’s big cities, Top End Safari Camp offers a wonderful clamping experience under the stars. An easy bus transfer takes you just outside Darwin, into the heart of NT’s vast expanse.

You’ll be taken on a scenic helicopter flight before getting up close to wildlife on the water on an exciting airboat ride. When night comes, a gourmet BBQ is provided in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. A bucket list journey that combines adrenaline thrills and awe-inspiring sights.

Cage of Death at Crocosaurus Cove

You don’t have to venture far to see some exhilarating wildlife: right in the middle of Darwin is Crocosaurus Cove, a place not for the faint of heart. Try to hold back the anxiety as you’re carefully placed into the water with a large saltwater crocodile. For 15 minutes. 15 whole minutes.

The Cage of Death gives swimmers the chance to get up close with a croc in a safe and controlled environment, with the crocs crucially not distressed by the experience. Regular feeding throughout the experience is done in a way that encourages the animal’s natural instincts, giving you the opportunity to witness its bite force under supervision of trained handlers.

Gin tasting at Willing Distillery

You didn’t think it was just Fitzroy and Surry Hills that had the cool distilleries, did you? Willing Distillery is proudly Top End, producing high quality and traditionally distilled craft spirits using native Aussie ingredients.

The attached bar offers a cool place to quench your thirst, with a wide range of gin, vodkas, and whiskies to choose from. Genuinely family-owned, Willing is an artisan distillery operated right. And after a day getting up close to crocodiles, a stiff gin might be exactly what’s required.

Jet ski tour

If you want to get the adrenaline pumping, let 00SEVEN Adventures take you out on the water for some frenetic jet ski action. There’s wide range of tour options, including a sunset one and a sunrise one.

Splash around in the water at full throttle or go at a more leisurely pace, spotting marine life underneath as you go. Sometimes nothing can beat the excitement of being in open water, energetically zooming around to your heart’s content.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market and Casino Resort

Darwin is home to one of Australia’s most picturesque market spots. Held right on the glorious Mindil Beach, the Sunset Market takes place every Thursday and Sunday night during dry season (this year it’s on until Thursday, October 27th).

There’s enticing cuisine options from around the world, from classic fish and chips to traditional Aboriginal offerings to succulent Asian dishes. Order what tickles your fancy and chill under a lovely sunset. Queen Vic’s great, yes, but it can never look as beautiful as this.

Also located on the beach is the Casino Resort, a haven of gaming and relaxation. Unwind in the inviting pool or try not to lose too much money on the gaming tables. Or do both – it’s a holiday after all.

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