The internet is a fabulous tool for finding niche items of clothing for those who like their outfits to make a statement.

It’s also a goldmine for finding absolutely wild outfits that blur the line between kooky cool and straight-up ridiculous.

In light of the internet being collectively baffled over Rihanna’s cheeky butt-cleavage leggings that recently dropped, we’ve rounded up a bunch of other confusing items of clothing that you can actually buy online right now.

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Butt-baring leggings

weird fashion

Across social media, people are losing their minds over these baffling “crotchless” leggings that were recently released by Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty label – and for good reason.

Something tells me that they wouldn’t exactly be squat proof, and honestly? Butt cleavage really doesn’t need to become a thing, it just doesn’t.

VB can crewneck jumper

weird fashion

Unlike the majority of items on this list, this little beauty by Uncle Reco is something I would absolutely throw down some cash for. Combine it with a pair of your favourite Uggs and you’ve got a true blue Aussie getup for those icy winter mornings. 

Rubber ducky romper

rmphim fashion

I’ve never been a fan of the male romper trend (and if do happen you wear them, you do you etc) but the addition of little rubber ducks on this – which is called, ahem, a RompHimmakes me think the wearer would look like an overgrown baby and that makes me uncomfortable.

Carole Baskin swimsuit

If, for some reason, you’re such a fan of Tiger King’s Carole Baskin that you’re willing to wear clothing with her mug emblazoned on them, then do I have some great news for you! You can now get the big cat queen’s head on anything from swimsuits, to hoodies and crops.

Denim g-string shorts


I don’t know what in the name of tarnation is going on here, but I don’t like it. I’m willing to bet that having denim wedged up your butt isn’t going to be the most comfortable experience, either.

ASOS hi-vis hoodie

weird clothing

Add a Four N’ Twenty pie and a chocky milk and this hoodie by COLLUSION x Everyone Together and this quite literally becomes something you’d see on a tradie. You’re better off hitting up your local Lowes or Big W and picking up a way cheaper version.

Taco slippers

I’m not going to lie – I would probably purchase these taco slippers from Amazon purely for the fact that they’re so absurd. They would also probably make a great gift for that taco fiend in your life.