7’6 is a producer with an affinity for beats apropos of the new-school R&B/hip hop portmanteau that consummates a touch of slower brass and bass lines with the more ethereal, synthy rhythm of the LA beats scene. And by the looks of his album promo he’s got a kick-arse studio set-up, too.

Organic Synthesisis 7’6’s debut album, and shows off collaborations with his many talented peers as well as a couple of straight instrumentals. After a wee violin-heavy overture, ‘Sandbox Hoodlum Pt 1 & 2’does some film noir audio sampling that I’m not too sold on, but could vibe on the menacing bass and drum breakdown. From here he flexes the panty-dropping vocal talents of Jace Excell in ‘My Religion’ and then references his Dilla love through Plutonic Lab’s drumming on ‘Launch’. N’fa Jones comes through with the notable bars on ‘Comic Books’,but the oriental string plucking marks ‘Boulder’as the crest ofOrganic Synthesis’ sine wave; the album’s best work.

Organic Synthesisis commendably polished for a debut piece and speaks of the type of producer who’s done more than a bit of work for other artists before having a bit of ‘me time’ for himself.

2.5/5 stars

Organic Synthesisout now onStronghorn.

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