While it was never uncommon for one to apply their makeup or foundation with a sponge of their choice, it was never really recognised as totally legit, until boss woman Rea Ann Silva coined the Beautyblender.

And not out of character for our spoilt asses, there’s way too many options out there to choose from. Maybe you have an affinity for something pretty damn cute. Or maybe you’re in the market for a new sponge. Or maybe you’re looking to join the sponge game and leave the brushes behind.

Whether you’re a part of any of the above or not: welcome. Scroll down below to check out some funky makeup sponges available to purchase right now.

Spongebob Squarepants x Wet n Wild

Absorbent and yellow and porous is this makeup sponge! This collaboration from Spongebob Squarepants and Wet n Wild is one of the most satisfying crossovers in the realm of pop culture meets beauty. Besides being reminiscent of Spongebob himself, it features precise, flat-cut edges for contouring and baking. It also has a round bottom for effective blending. Can be used wet or dry. If Spongebob doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s always Squidward.

spongebob makeup sponge

Case to match

If you’ve decided to take the plunge with the Spongebob sponge, there’s also a case to match, so you can keep your Spongebob safe and sound. I was also going to write a description myself, but the website description is too on point not to quote here: “Feel fineapple while making your makeup sponge feel right at home with this Pineapple House Sponge Case. This portable pineapple case not only houses your sponge, but also protects it from dirt and grime, as well as from Plankton and the dreaded Dirty Bubble, while on the go.”

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spongebob makeup sponge case pineapple

Lucky cat makeup sponge

The cutest makeup sponge in the world? Proceeds from your purchase with Greater Good are directed towards projects and programs for those in need. You can read more about their organisation via their website.

lucky cat sponge

All the fruits

Who else looks at a makeup sponge and sees all different kinds of fruits? Well turns out that you’re not alone. Whether you’re favourite fruit is a nice juicy pear, a thick ass peach or the best summer fruit of all… you’ve got options.

Tie-dye sponges

If you’re super into tie-dye and want your whole life to reflect the marbled effect, now your makeup sponges can too. Introducing the marbled sponges which feature a white sponge base, coming in pink, purple, blue and green marbled effects.

marbled makeup sponge

Remember to clean your makeup sponges regularly and to also replace them every few months or so. For more on this topic, follow the Fashion & Beauty Observer.

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