Cars from Mad Max: Fury Road are to be sold at auction if you want to live out all your post-apocalyptic dreams and no, this isn’t bait

As per Autoblog, Australian auction house Lloyds are selling a huge lot of cars from the iconic 2015 film in September, with bidding open now and ending on September 26th.

And we’re not talking about some tinny background cars here: we’re talking the actual ones driven by the main characters amidst the film’s dusty hellscape. The villains often had the most badass rides too, including Immortan Joe’s Cadilla monster truck called Gigahorse, a cool combination of two 1959 Cadillacs and two supercharged V8s. Just imagine rocking up to Woolies to pick up bread and milk in that beast.

That car also contained the incredible Doof Wagon, the former missile carrier which was converted into a rolling wall of speakers. This was where the Doof Warrior proudly stood, casually shredding on a flame-throwing guitar (before seeing Fury Road, I thought a Doof Warrior was just that extremely drunk dude who was revelling in the chaos of a Bush Doof).

If hero’s are more your thing, a few key vehicles are up for sale. Furiosa’s War Rig, which she sued to smuggle Joe’s captive women out of the Citadel, is available, complete with tandem V8s and six-wheel drive. And with the Furiosa spinoff movie on the way soon, it would be cool to be able to boast about having her truck parked in your driveway.

Also available is is Nux’s hot rod (which you probably remember from having poor Max strapped to the front as a blood bag) and Max’s former Ford XB Interceptor. 13 cars are being sold in total by Lloyds, meaning there’s plenty more options to choose from. Check out the full list of cars up for auction here. Each vehicle is available individually and is being sold in a tender-style auction in which all bids are placed secretly, with the winning bid being announced at the end.

Considering the world is increasingly looking like a dystopian landscape, there’s no better way to get around than in an enhanced Mad Max machine.

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