Cricket is an acquired taste. That’s putting it mildly. But even if you don’t like it, odds are you’ll be stuck in a situation over the next couple of days where you have to interact with it. That’s because the creatively titled Boxing Day Test began today at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Other than The Ashes, it’s probably the most anticipated event on the cricketing calendar; people are off work, Christmas cheer is ringing in the air, and it’s painfully hot. All of these things make for great cricket viewing. So strap in, non-cricketing fan, here is our:

Boxing Day Test crash course for non-cricketing fans

Fresh from presumably smashing tinnies and pavlova yesterday (professionally athletes do that too right?), the Australian cricket team are battling it out with the New Zealand cricket team over the next five days, until December 30th.

Bowler Mitchell Starc with fans ahead of The Boxing Day Test

Australia have enjoyed an undefeated summer of cricket thus far, getting the better of both Pakistan and Sri Lanka on several occasions. New Zealand have only come up against England so far this summer, but managed to win one test match and draw the other against the powerhouse poms.

The Boxing Day test is the second of three test matches Australia play against New Zealand this summer. The first, played in Perth earlier in December, resulted in a comfortable Aussie victory.

If Australia manage to beat New Zealand in the Boxing Day Test, they will win the three-game series, regardless of the result of the final test.

Drama struck earlier today, however, when Aussie bowler, Peter Siddle, was dropped from the squad a few overs into the Boxing Day Test. Siddle, known for his medium-pace bowling style and vegan diet, has struggled with injury in recent times. The decision to drop him so early on, however, remains puzzling.

Only time will tell how the Aussies will fare against the formidable Kiwi foe, and only time will tell how you, non-cricketing fan, will fare with the cricketing die-hards you encounter over the next five days. Good luck out there.