Just because you’re in quarantine doesn’t mean that you should skip a confession session with your local priest, especially when they’re adapting their service to suit COVID-19 restrictions.

One parish priest in Poland, Father Adam Pawlowski,  is leading the charge in this regard, offering socially distant confession sessions, done from the driver’s car, so as to keep easter as Holy as possible.

“We’ve already done a practice run… I have an appointment with a family of five tomorrow and next week I’m due to hear a parishioner confess every sin from his entire life,” he said, no doubt gearing up for a sizeable bout of forgiveness with his upcoming clientele.

Drive-thru confessions, outdoor Masses: Heroic priests find ...Some priests in the US have also been offering the service

Pawlowski reportedly plans to park his car in an alley by the church and will roll down his window for the parishioner parked at least 1.5 meters (five feet) away to avoid any potential coronavirus infection.

That’s called innovation.

The plan, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to allow Father Pawlowski a chance to show off any Nikes Jesus shoes (if he owns any), and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be getting any JC Go (the Catholic version on Pokemon Go) in on his quarantine Easter holiday.

However, we wonder if drive-through confession is something that will ultimately be a handy time-saver that sticks around once the pandemic has passed over.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why they don’t just do it over a telephone? That’s not allowed apparently.

The priest don’t pick the driver; The driver picks the priest.