Engadine Maccas, the most infamous fast food joint in the whole of Australia after Prime Minister Scott Morrison maybe probably shat himself there in 1997, is back in the news again. 

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, a Sydney teenager has been banned from the Maccas after she was involved in a furious fight that also saw her boyfriend chuck a random person through a window. They sound like a lovely couple.

Alina Pivoda, aged 19, was charged with common assault almost a year after she repeatedly kicked a stranger in the head after the individual fought with her boyfriend in the Engadine Maccas car park.

Pivoda’s solicitor Wayne Pasterfield stated that the brawl, which took place on October 4th last year, started due to the male victim allegedly making an “unsavoury comment” towards Pivoda.

Agreed police facts tendered to the court reveal Pivoda’s boyfriend “threw a victim through a glass panel” and also repeatedly punched him in the head. The pair then started to wrestle in the car park.

Pivoda got involved by kicking a man separating the fight and punched the man fighting with her boyfriend twice on the head. She then continued to assault the victim as he lay on the car park ground, unable to move because of his sustained injuries. The victim was eventually taken to St George Hospital and was treated for a fractured nose and lacerations.

What is it about the Engadine Maccas? Why does it always go off? The magistrate Brett Thomas even touched upon its reputation, noting that the fast food joint had given local lawyers plenty of work over the years.

“McDonald’s Engadine is a huge source of work for lawyers in the Shire,” Mr Thomas said. “It attracts numbers of young people that have been out drinking late at night and that’s when the problems arise.”

Pivoda pleaded guilty to the single charge against her and was sentenced to a two-year conditional release order without conviction. She will be required to abstain from alcohol for six months, and she’s also banned from returning to that Engadine Maccas for six months.

Check out PM Scott Morrison finally addressing the Engadine Maccas incident:

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