Mad Racket rises from the ashes on Saturday October 26 at the new venue of the Imperial Hotel in Erskineville.

Headlining proceedings is the DutchmanAardvarck, a chap who has been DJing for over 30 years across the globe, ticking off all the venues and gigs that any top echelon DJ should: Panorama Bar, Sonar, DEMF, Exit et al. Rewinding for the uninitiated, Aardvarck began releasing his own productions back in ’93 on Dutch techno label Djax, before chalking up subsequent releases on labels like Delsin, Kindred Spirits and Rushhour and starting his own label, Rednose Distrikt. Selected by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke in his instalment of the ‘Dead Air Office Chart’, Aardvarck’s output traverses house, techno and down-tempo soundscapes. His more recent material has been dubbed ‘Nosestep’ and ‘Pigstyle’ – make of that what you will, but in essence Aardvarck has always been about feeling the music, not following genres or trends. Aardvarck will be playing both a live and a DJ set, with support from the resident Racketeers:Jimmi James,Ken Cloud,Simon CaldwellandZootie. The party is themed ‘Mad Racket sleeps with the fishes’ (think ‘underwater dance grotto’), with $30 presale tickets available online. And for anyone who thought that Mad Racket was no more, here’s the response straight from the horse’s mouth: “Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated”.

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