Ex-Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield has spoken candidly about her penchant for loud sex, along with revealing a particularly awkward encounter she once had with a roommate as a result. 

Guest-starring on season two of Marty Smiley and Nat Damena’s podcast Housewarming, the Bachelor babe reflected on her past experiences in Brisbane share houses, from her having loud sex to rescuing dogs.

Gifting Marty and Nat a giant tub of hommus (???), Abbie went on to share a hilariously awkward anecdote about the time she was told by a housemate to keep it down after screaming “Daddy, do you want to feel how I feel” during intercourse.

Speaking about her experience with a former housemate, Abbie said: “I lived with her for a couple of months and she brought over this guy that I ended up dating.

“She had a crush on him from childhood – they were childhood friends – but I didn’t know that.

“She had a big chip on her shoulder about it.”

She continued: “We were having sex and joking around making dumb sounds, I was slapping him saying, ‘Daddy, do you want to feel how I feel’ – joking.

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“Then, my housemate comes home and she knocks on the door and yells, ‘it’s like living in a fucking brothel!'” Abbie recalled. “That’s one reason I don’t have housemates, but I think it was a jealousy thing.”

Abbie also dished the tea on what it’s really like to live with reality TV contestants, revealing there was a tiff over gluten-free foods in the Bachelor pad.

“There was one big fight that I wasn’t involved in over gluten-free food,” the reality star began.

“So we had a gluten-free cupboard… Suddenly, the gluten-free girls start stealing food that just happens to be gluten-free like apples, avocados, bananas – like they’re gluten-free but it’s not a gluten-free item.

“All war breaks out. Constant passive-aggressiveness, ‘Where’s the avocado?’

“Stealing from the gluten-free cupboards. Slamming gluten-free cupboard doors, aggression.”

“Then all the gluten-free people got kicked off early – not sure if Matt had an issue with gluten-free people, but they were gone.”

Housewarming is a share-house confessional podcast where housemate hosts Marty and Nat hear people’s craziest stories of shared living.

The idea for the series was born after hosts Marty and Nat found themselves kicked out of their respected homes and forced to look for a new place to live while we were in the middle of the pandemic in 2020.

After nights swapping stories and chin-wagging over beers with their flatmates, the Housewarming podcast came to life.

Abbie Chatfield

“Marty and I were kicked out of our home and forced to look for a new place to live while we were in the middle of the pandemic,” Nat explained.

“During the lockdown, we were spending a lot of time with each other and our other housemates. We realised there were so many great stories to uncover about share house living and there wasn’t really anyone talking about it!

“So, lo and behold, a podcast baby was born.”

Along with Abbie, the second series will guest star a slew of other stars in its second season, including Daniel Sloss, Linda Marigliano, Sam Taunton, Aaron Chen, Rodney Todd, Yasmin Suteja, Will Gibb, Rowdie Walden and more.

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