A seemingly innocuous tweet by Adam Sandler has gone viral in the wake of the 2021 US golf masters, of all things. 

While I can’t claim to know much about golf, I do know a good meme when I see one, and that’s exactly what Adam Sandler delivered when he compared a pro golfer to a character from Happy Gilmore.

You see, American golfer Will Zalatoris was competing at the Masters at Augusta National when Sandler noticed he resembled his character’s caddy from the film.

“Have fun today young man,” Sandler tweeted alongside a photo comparison of Zalatoris and Happy Gilmore’s caddy.

“Mr Gilmore is watching you and very proud.”

It seems Sandler wasn’t the only one to pick up on the similarities, given the tweet garnered over 100,000 likes within a few hours.

From the wavy blonde hair to his youthful look, Zalatoris appears to have embraced the comparisons between him and the character.

“If you’re ever in need of a caddie again let me know. I’ll be better this time. I’m always available for you, Mr. Gilmore,” he wrote in response to Sandler’s tweet.

While Zalatoris was only born the same year that Happy Gilmore was released, it’s clear the classic has left a lasting legacy.

Well, if his golf career doesn’t work out, at least he’s always got starring in a sequel as a backup.

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Check out one of the many infamous golf scenes from Happy Gilmore:

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