Keen to get into the world of podcasting? AFTRS is here to help you start on the right foot with their Podcasting Fundamentals course.

Podcasts: you’ve listened to them for years, you’ve been interested by them for just as long, and now you want to try your hand at them, right? Well, luckily AFTRS has the right knowledge up their sleeve to get you going as a podcaster, with their new course, Podcasting Fundamentals.

The Australian Film, Television, and Radio School (AFTRS) is well known for its courses in all things media, and even struck us as one of the top nine places to study for a career in the music world. Now, they’re branching out into the world of podcasting, and it’s time to get excited because with them being such masters of the media world, it’s no wonder that they’re setting students up to become the next rulers of the podcast world.

Starting on the 21st of June and running until the 1st of August, AFTRS will be hosting their Podcasting Fundamentals course for any and all who are keen to dive into podcasting and learn each step when it comes to killer content ideas (true crime, anyone?), basic audio editing so you know how to splice the good bits of your podcast, and even what the sound quality should be like for your listeners – meaning no background noises from your cuddly companions.

As AFTRS have said themselves, students will “get practical advice and skills training from experts, and learn how to take your podcast from an idea to a completed, ready-to-upload file, in this online course,” and, it’s taught completely online, meaning you’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your own pyjamas.

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Through the six-week course, AFTRS is setting the bar high in terms of online education with students talking to lecturers through online video chat sessions, audio recordings, and a slew of online exercises and guides.

That being said, with an online course you’ll need to ensure you’ve got a few bits and bobs available to you so the course goes smoothly, but luckily, the tech behind a podcast is pretty cheap. As AFTRS states, “it is now relatively inexpensive and simple to create and self-publish your own work” with the “increasing accessibility of low cost hardware and software.”

So, if you’ve got a computer with access to the internet, and have access to basic audio recording equipment and editing software, accompanied by a good idea for a podcast series, then you’re all set and ready for AFTRS Podcasting Fundamentals course.

With 14 years of experience under her belt, tutor Madeline Joannou will be at the helm, teaching students how to create and produce podcasts that are geared towards a multitude of audiences. Not only will students learn how to do the technical components of a podcast, but will learn how to direct interviews and truly host a podcast so that they’re ready to engage audiences from the get-go.

No matter if you’re thinking of diving into mystery, or have a bit more of a comedic angle in mind, Joannou will guide you towards the proper way to conjure up ideas, record, produce, and even market your podcasting idea so you can not only have a podcast out on the scene, but also be successful as a podcaster, as podcasting is a competitive market.

Keen to see yourself as a top podcaster, with all the right knowledge and key skills? Then AFTRS is the place for you. Head on over to their website, and check out what their Podcasting Fundamentals course is all about.

Check out AFTRS Podcasting Fundamentals course!