Apple’s AirPods Max have a whopping $170 off right now so what are you doing reading this and not getting a nice new pair of headphones?

Don’t be silly, I need to know if they’re quality before I buy them even with such a great discount, I can hear you saying.

Aren’t you in luck because we did just that to help you out. We asked the big question, “Are Apple’s AirPods Max headphones worth the price tag?” and the answer was an emphatic yes.

“The AirPods Max are the best sounding headphones,” was our simple verdict. Listening to music through them is the closest you’ll feel to each small detail of instrumentation and mixes, perfect for the big music fan in your life.

The noise cancellation is tight too, easily matching any of its rivals. Spacious and super-crispy, they allow you to hear so much detail in every recording.

We even broke it down for the non-audiophiles and the answer was still a big yes. The AirPods Max are the best wireless consumer over-ear headphones you can buy, in our opinion, and not by a small margin either.

The design, technology, and connectivity differentiators alone make it worth the price difference with competitors. Put simply, if you’re someone who really cares about the sound quality, there’s no other match in the market.

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The headphones come in a sweet range of colours too, including space grey, silver, green, pink, and sky blue. So go on and treat yourself, your ears will thank you later.

While they used to cost $899, a price that might some customers off, the price tag on Amazon has been reduced to just $729. That’s a hefty saving of $170, or 19% put another way.

Buy: New Apple AirPods Max headphones $729.00

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