Comedian Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson has been dropped by management amid the unfurling social media scandal between Williamson and pop artist Peach PRC.

On Tuesday night, Peach PRC took to Twitter to share a statement, accusing Williamson of “abusive” and “predatory” behaviour.

“He is abusive, manipulative and predatory and has done absolutely vile things to not only myself but others who I won’t mention for their privacy,” Peach wrote, accusing Williamson of “grooming and abusing young vulnerable women and girls.”

In the hours following Peach PRC’s post, Williamson took to Instagram stories to deny the allegations — labelling them,”horse shit.”

Williamson went on to allege that Peach previously attempted to “deplatform” him on TikTok months prior. “This is hilarious, this is her [Peach PRC] second attempt to de-platform me,” Williamson said. “She threatened some vague sexual assault on TikTok — instead of going to [the] police, she threw them out on TikTok about eight months ago. She was jealous of me.”

“She put out those accusations and then she deleted them when they didn’t hit the audience she wanted them to.”

Alex Williamson went on to deliver an unhinged, expletive-filled rant against Peach’s character,  “I’ve addressed this now, I don’t need to address it any further. You take one look at fuckin’ old Peachy you know what’s going on,” he said.

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During his rant, Williamson implied that both Peach and another ex-partner (who hasn’t come forward publicly against Williamson) pursued him. “Girls, you wanted me, girls. I’m a fuckin’, I’m a loveable character. I don’t blame you for throwin’ yourselves [at me],” he said.

An exclusive report by Pedestrian has revealed that in the aftermath of Williamson’s outburst, the 32-year-old comedian  has been dropped by his management team More Talent.

In a leaked email, More Talent director Andrew Taylor addressed Williamson’s Instagram videos, labelling them “completely inappropriate” and “unacceptable,” and that “we do not and cannot be seen to condone behaviour such as is alleged, nor the tone or content of his responses.”

Andrew Taylor confirmed to Pedestrian that Williamson has been booted off their roster, “in light of recent unacceptable events, More Talent have terminated our relationship with Alex Williamson.” His profile has been removed from the agency’s website.

Alex Williamson is set to perform two shows as part of Sydney Comedy Festival at the Factory Theatre on May 14th and 15th. There are online calls for the festival to drop Williamson from its programme.

Update: Alex Williamson has since been dropped by Perth and Sydney Comedy Festival.

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