Content Warning: This article about Alex Williamson discusses domestic violence. If you or someone you know is affected by the following story, you are not alone. To speak to someone, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732.

A Tiktoker has called out comedian Alex Williamson after it turns out the police issued him with an AVO.

You may remember when Williamson was plunged into controversy earlier this year after his ex-girlfriend, the singer Peach PRC, first accused him of being “abusive, manipulative and predatory” throughout their former relationship.

The stand-up’s response to that at the time was to send several sexually-explicit comments about his ex-girlfriend, prompting backlash on social media; as a result, he was dropped from the Perth and Sydney Comedy Festivals and also removed from his management, More Talent, due to his response.

Since then, Williamson has remained active for his fans on TikTok and Twitch. Now, TikTok user @clazagain has called him out for some of his recent actions.

Williamson wrote on social media, “Visited by police live on twitch stream to receive laughable AVO from lying pinkie, means I can no longer contact her (not that I ever dreamed of it) nor can I encourage any of you to (sic), once her comments are back on. I mean, obviously I can’t control free will…but it’s important I say that…”

For those unaware, an AVO is an Apprehended Violence Order, which anyone who has experienced violence or fear violence in a domestic or family relationship can apply for in order to help stop that violence.

“This man is just something else,” @clazagain said in her TikTok discussing Williamson’s post. They pointed out that Williamson had also previously posted a Story mocking Peach PRC for asking her own fans to post pictures of them dressed up as the singer for Halloween.

“Anyone dress as a rat that smells like a garbage bin? Be sure to repost if they did!” he wrote in the Story. @clazagain called this “just hateful, online bullying,” insisting that it was toxic behaviour regardless of their past relationship.

They also raised issue with the use of the word “laughable” when Williamson was discussing his AVO.

“Men who are abusers and who want to continue to abuse their victims, when they receive AVO’s and protection orders, they’ll often call them ‘laughable’ because they have absolutely no intent of respecting the law or respecting the wishes of their victim, and they’re going to continue to abuse them,” they said.

As @clazagain points out, if Williamson truly didn’t want to break his AVO, he’d literally be telling his fans, “don’t contact her, don’t comment on her videos.”

Williamson also made a TikTok wondering whether he lived in communist Russia. When @clazagain conceded that some people might be questioning their credentials for talking about Williamson given that they don’t know him personally, they had a measured response.

“This is textbook domestic violence,” they said. “You get on Twitch where you make a profit, you’re making money, off the police coming to you house for domestic violence. It’s intimidation and harassment and he’s profiting off it and publicly posting it.”

@clazagain ended the video by posting resources for any viewers going through domestic violence to use.


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