Stone the flamin’ crows!

If you’ve seen the recent Home and Away promos, you’ll have noticed that it looked a lot like Alf Stewart — the moody old legend played expertly by Ray Meagher since early 1988 — was going to die in the early episodes of this season.

Well, you can rest easy, as he merely suffered his twelfth or thirteen heart attack after an explosion at the local school shunted him into a massive hole in the ground. By last night’s episode, he was back to arguing with locals and raking the ground out the front of the surf club. So he’s fine, and invincible as always. As a side note, he is fighting with his daughter Roo at the moment, but that’s likely to be sorted by next Monday.

Now, despite Alf sticking around in the Bay until at least 2030, Ray Meagher has branched out from selling bait in a coastal town, to boldly enter the hot sauce game. Ray’s Flamin’ Hot Sauce is available now, and judging by the amount of chilli added to the mixture in the promo videos, it has a hell of a kick.

Although I highly doubt the actor himself has designed the sauce — much as I doubt he has anything to do with the officiating of the Oz Lotto or the management of a successful caravan park — anything that keeps Alf’s face in the public eye is alright by me.

Order a bottle or six from the official site, here.

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