The 1995 cult classic, Clueless ages like a fine wine, with its characters, its ’90s fashion and of course, its hilarious one-liners that still make their way into everyday conversations today. Ugh, as if!

Now to celebrate the film’s 26th anniversary, its protagonist, Alicia Silverstone has taken to social media to once again step back into her Cher Horowitz character.

Silverstone also wrangled her son into the celebratory anniversary post, seeing him don an oversized suit and glasses to act out the role of Cher’s dad, Mel Horowitz.

It’s one of the most classic scenes in the film, with of course, one of the most classic dialogues too.

Cher comes downstairs at her house where Christian (her new love interest) has come to pick her up, not before being interrogated by Mel and judged by Paul Rudd’s character and sort of half brother, Josh.

“Cher get in here!” Mel exclaims. “What’s up daddy?” Cher responds. “What the hell is that?” Mel asks.

“A dress,” Cher says. “Says who?” Mels claps back.

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“Calvin Klein,” Cher confirms. “It looks like underwear.” And scene.

But we all know it doesn’t stop there in the actual film. Mel then requests that Cher puts on something else on top of the dress, where she replies, “Duh, I was just going to.”

She then goes on to put on the most Cher piece of clothing possible, a sheer, white oversized shirt, seeing fashionistas everywhere making sure that their wardrobe featured a staple white sheer shirt to wear on top of their Calvin Klein mini dresses.

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Watch Alicia Silverstone reenact the ‘Clueless’ moment: