You know how the old adage goes: Catch a man a Pigeot, and he will have fun for an hour, but you teach a man to download the Pokemon Go app and hunt his own Pigeot using VR technology, and he will have fun for a lifetime.

Or, until he gets sick of the app and realises it uses quite a bit of data, causes quite a bit of destruction, and probably isn’t even his true calling – and erases it.

Pokemon Go launched in July 2016, and quickly turned the world into a bunch of obsessed Pokehunters, starting adult conversations with actual adults with phrases such as “Have you seen any Poliwag in this region?” While a cursory look around may suggest that the fad died off years ago, the statistical truth is completely different.

90,000 people are still downloading the Pokemon Go app every single hour! Every hour. That’s 2.16 million downloads Every. Single. Goddamn. Day. Nintendo nets an estimated $730,000 from in-apps purchases every day too, in case you thought learning to code was a waste of your time.

The data was crunched by a neat little app named Betipy and “was gathered from sources around the web, statistics used are based on yearly reported revenue/data and are averaged down to a per second figures. As a result these are accurate approximations of real time growth.”

Not an in-game feature

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