What could the centuries-old Japanese Bunkaru puppet theatre and computer-generated pop idol Hatsune Miku – think Lady Gaga meets Gorillaz – possibly have in common? Dr. Yuji Stone wants to talk you through it.

As part of a lecture series titled Noh to Now: Traditions and Counter-traditions in Japanese Performance,in conjunction with the Art Gallery of NSW, Dr. Stone will give a lecture arguing that the world of animated performance is not new to Japanese culture. A creation such as Hatsune Miku builds on a tradition that has been part of Japan’s performance canon for centuries.

Presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney, Dr. Stone will present her lecture,Presence & Composition: Bunraku Puppet Theatre and Virtual Diva Hatsune Miku,at the Art Gallery of NSW, on Wednesday August 20 at 6pm.

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