Andy Lee has admitted that he “did a fair bit of stalking” of his then ex-girlfriend Rebecca Harding when they decided to break up after two years together.

The couple met back in 2014 when Harding was waitressing an already famous Lee’s table. Once they started dating, Harding was thrust into the limelight and she has since admitted that the public attention made her feel “insecure and miserable”. Because of this, Lee and Harding temporarily broke up in 2016.

Today, Lee revealed that he kept close tabs on Harding, even though they were not in contact and official split up.

“I did a fair bit of stalking of her when we broke up. I was still in love with her. It was complicated, she wasn’t really coping with the lifestyle, and she was losing herself in the fact that people wanted photos etc. She was losing her bounce,” he explained on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin.

“So afterwards, I was always keeping an eye on… both on Instagram, and in real life, driving past her house. I could see she was killing it, she had her glow back, and I wondered if she was seeing someone. So I checked in with her sister to see if she was, and when her sister said no, I asked her for a drink. The rest is history. “

Lee and Harding got back together after six months apart, and have been dating ever since. In a recent interview with Stellar, the couple discussed the pressure they received form the general public to get married and have kids.

“Some people find those milestones [like marriage] super important in their lives. But they’re not for everyone,” he said.

Harding added, “It is really unfair and there is also other pressure to have kids, as well. And unfortunately for women, we do have a little bit of a clock that’s ticking…”

“We’re loving where we’re at, really. We’ve bought a house. We’ve got a dog, and we have a few other projects, too.”

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