In today’s social media/digital age, a pathway to fame can come with a simple viral photo or video. For British artist Sophie Tea, the ‘glitter boob’ festival look was what started it all for her.

Inspiring a trend that was quick to travel to festivals and events right around the globe, Sophie’s platform to exhibit her art has grown as has her reputation as an independent artist.

While initially drawing people to her social media through the glittery craze, Sophie began boosting her reputation online by selling her artwork via Instagram.

Now, she’s set to make her first million in doing so.

“The Glitter Boob Craze was a huge opportunity for me and I’m so grateful for it!” she enthuses.

“I absolutely did not expect for it to have gained the international traction like it did. It was actually crazy. I was featured in Playboy, on The Ellen Show, on MTV!”