An Australian camel farmer, who goes by the alias of YasminBrisbane, has racked up millions of likes on TikTok thanks to her adorable videos about the reality of living on a camel farm.

Over the past two and a half years, Yasmin has shared hundreds of clips showing followers what life is like on a camel farm in Australia.

In one of the videos – which has received nearly 15 million plays – Yasmin shows her followers a video of a newborn camel in her paddock. “Molly surprised up all with this little miracle. We had no idea she was so close to giving birth,” the post is captioned. Yasmin then removes some placenta that was stuck around the baby camel’s neck, while it yawns and makes noises.

@yasminbrisbane I cherish these moments with newborns. They all have my ❤️ #cameltok #newborn #babyanimals #australia #farmlife #surprisebaby #babycamel ♬ Metamorphosis – Danilo Stankovic

In another video, Yasmin gives her followers an update on all the baby camels on the farm. “Now, our first baby born was baby Nyx, who was Wanda’s baby. It was really lovely for Wanda because her first baby back in 2020 actually passed away at ten days old so it was really lovely to see her enjoying motherhood for the first time,” she says.

“Then we had Florence born to Delilah, and some of you might have seen me get chased by Delilah while I was bringing her back to the dairy. Florence and Nicks are joined at the hip and they’re always getting up to mischief together.”

Yasmin goes on to name the five baby camels they have on the farm, and describe what their temperament is like before announcing the arrival of a newborn.

@yasminbrisbane Who’s been keeping track? Because I think i miscounted #cameltok #babyseason #surprise #farmlife ♬ Country instrumental(932769) – 8823

Speaking of why she decided to start the account, Yasmin told ABC, ‘”[It] finally gives rural people and farming kids a voice and also access they never had before.”

She added, “It shows a new side to agriculture which I think hasn’t been seen before, and it almost opens the door for anyone to join the club.”

“You hear of people all the time, they’re from the city and they’re now documenting their process, like ‘come along with me for the day as someone on a cattle station.'”

“It’s interesting because if they’d never seen a TikTok or come across these videos they wouldn’t have imagined they’d be where they are today.”

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