A former Australian paparazzi member who chased around celebrities reveals who they think was the rudest A-lister celebrity.

A former Australian paparazzi member, who is now the Mayor of Geelong, Darryn Lyons, has divulged a few of his encounters with Hollywood celebrities. During a conversation with the I’ve Got News For You podcast, Lyons revealed that Eddie Murphy was one of the “worst celebrities” he’s ever met.

Keep in mind that Lyons’ job was to chase celebs around and ask them prying and personal question, sometimes relentlessly and in a manner that can be seen as harassment.

“It really killed me too because I loved him in all his movies … He was incredibly rude. Extraordinarily rude,” Lyons told host Andrew Bucklow. I wonder if Lyons thinks the same thing about his line of work at the time.

While Lyons didn’t give further detail about the exact nature of the encounter, the nature of Lyons’ job put him in the crosshair for retaliation, a factor that seems to be lost in his statements.

Elsewhere, he branded Mariah Carey the “biggest diva”, while he claimed Elton John had the “worst temper” and Robbie Williams was the “most generous.”

Lyons also bragged about how Victoria Beckham saw him on tv while in the shower with David Beckham, which seemed to be a very large life event for him.

“I remember Victoria Beckham coming up to me in a very famous hotel in London, and she came up to myself and Bryan Morrison, who was the manager for George Michael [at the time], and she came up and said, ‘I was just watching you on Sky News this morning in the shower with David on our new shower TV screen’,” Lyons shared.

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Lastly, Lyons talked about how chasing around and harassing Michael Jackon on a scooter was fun for him and other paparazzi members.

“Jacko was fun … He’d just take us on goose chases in the middle of the night around London on scooters,” Lyons said.

“The MJ watch was the killer, if he was in London for a week or 10 days, you just didn’t sleep.

“[We’d] walk into the Dorchester [where Jackson was staying] and there was an orangutang sitting on the piano bar … Bizarre, bizarre, but hilarious stories.

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