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Blak Douglas painting with toilet door figures, 2 black and dead, 1 white and flag waving on top of Uluru
The BRAG #732

Chris Martin

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We review every #1 song of 2007 in one sentence each

The best thing about being a full decade past the glory months of 2007 is that we get to look back and laugh at all...

The three members of Haim enjoy the sunshine

Haim have something to tell you on their new album, but the formula is familiar

The world’s a very different place to what it was when Haim made an eager and innocent music world swoon with their debut album in...

Electronic musician Bonobo standing alone in a field

Five Sydney electronic music gigs to look forward to this month

The Sydney music scene is alive and well, everyone. As the Cajmere house classic foretold, OOH ERR AHH EEE (oh, and that 'Brighter Days' are...

Steve Lucas and the other members of X

Meet the band that was banned from playing gigs in Sydney… in the ’80s

When Aussie punk revolutionaries X first emerged in 1977, they stepped out in solidarity into a world disenchanted with its social and political state; a...

Jay-Z AKA Shawn Carter, whose new album 4:44 drops on Tidal

Jay-Z has gone personal on 4:44, and his career will never be the same

Every artist makes their new record in the shadow of their last, for better and for worse. But in the case of Jay-Z’s new album...

2 Chainz's Pink Trap House in Atlanta

US rapper 2 Chainz turns his house into a free HIV testing clinic for the 4th of July

Tauheed Epps, better known to his fans as 2 Chainz, turned his promotional Pink Trap House in Atlanta into a temporary HIV testing centre to...

Kenny Gates of PIAS sitting down

BIGSOUND announces its second lineup of speakers for 2017

BIGSOUND’s list of industry speakers was already looking flush, but it’s just been bolstered even further by the addition of some serious international muscle. Leading...

A crowd of music lovers ready for a show at Marrickville Bowling Club

Behind the scenes at Sydney’s most unlikely music venues: lawn bowls and live music

In Sydney’s Inner West, lawn bowls and smooth sailing greens are quickly becoming integral to the ongoing prosperity of the local music scene. Armed with...

Actor Casey Affleck is dressed in a white bed sheet for A Ghost Story

Casey Affleck stars as a ghost wearing a white bed sheet in A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story begins with an ending. A loving partner and musician named C (Casey Affleck) is brutally killed in a car accident, leaving his...

Josephine Vander Gucht and Adam West of Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder are ready to let their songs do the talking ahead of Splendour 2017

They were never supposed to be a band. Now they’ve toured most of the world and are about to release their second album. “It’s like...