Bali airport officials have collected a range of items that are banned from entering Indonesia, including sex toys, excessive alcohol and tobacco and vapes, and burnt them all to smithereens.

Instagram account Bali Channel shared a photo of the contraband, and at least seven, ahem, very large dildos can be spotted in the pic. When users scroll across to the next photo in the sequence, they can view the fiery blaze that was once the colourful sex toys.

“Regional Offices collaborated with Ngurah Rai Customs and Denpasar Customs. Destruction of BMN on goods resulting from prosecution for the period January to June 2022,” the translated caption reads.

Sex toys
Some of the contraband that was burnt

It continues, “[The] list [of items] destroyed [includes] 6,699 bottles, 363,268 cigarettes, 30,600 grams of sliced ​​tobacco, 71 bottles of vaping liquid, 623 packs of various types of medical devices, 241 packs of textiles, [as well as] other products such as food, electronic equipment, spare parts, plastic goods, leather and animal products, and sex toys.”

The account revealed that the total amount of goods destroyed came to 980,734,190 rupiah, which is approximately $100,000 AUD.

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Whether sex toys are illegal or not in Indonesia is a grey area. However, the vaguely worded law surrounding pornography could cover dildos as “pornographic material”. Indonesia has strict anti-pornography laws and, technically, people who view porn while in the country could face up to four years in jail.

Burning sex toys in Indonesia isn’t anything new, either. Just last year – despite the closure of the borders – over 400 intimate devices were burned.

Indonesia has one of the largest Muslim populations in the world, with over 86.7% of the population identifying as adherents. Muslim is a conservative religion and unmarried Muslims are advised against sex before marriage. However, while Bali is an Indonesian island, the majority of the population are Hindu.

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