Former President Barack Obama has shared his favourite TV shows and, unsurprisingly, he’s got rather good taste.

In an interview to promote his latest memoir A Promised Land, Obama revealed to Entertainment Weekly just what he likes to watch on the small screen.

“Better Call Saul, because of its great characters and examination of the dark side of the American dream,” the former POTUS said. “The Good Place — it’s a wise and sweet combination of goofy comedy and big philosophical questions. And Watchmen and The Boys, for how they turn superhero conventions on their heads to lay bare issues of race, capitalism, and the distorting effects of corporate power and mass media.”

“Oh, and the NBA playoffs — because it’s hoops!,” he added, which is a very not shocking admission if you’ve ever seen the man swish a three pointer.

That’s quite the mix of prestige and popcorn TV right there. You’d think that Obama would have had enough of conmen for a lifetime after his time in D.C. but Better Call Saul is an undeniably excellent show. The Good Place makes sense, given his penchant for serious thinking (if you’ve never seen it, you really should).

People involved in the named shows soon began responding ecstatically to the news. “Ummm. You guys? HOLY. SHIT,” said The Boys showrunner and creator Eric Kripke on Twitter. “Thanks for watching, @BarackObama. If you ever wanna hang out, hit me up in my DM’s. (But seriously this is amazing, THANKS for the shout out).”

Antony Starr from The Boys also celebrated. “If the boys is good enough for Obama…it’s good enough,” he tweeted.

The Good Place star D’Arcy Carden also shared her reaction, saying that “The first time I heard @BarackObama liked @nbcthegoodplace I fell to the floor. For real.”

Better Call Saul’s main star Bob Odenkirk was more succinct with his feelings on social media: “Neat.” Neat indeed, Bob.

Check out the season one trailer for The Good Place: