Two of the things I loved most of all as a kid featured ninja-like heroes slinking around in the shadows of grimy city streets, dispatching a wacky cast of villains along the way.

But for some reason, the seemingly perfect Batman & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team-ups have been sadly few and far between over the years, outside of the battles fought on my bedroom floor by my TMNT III Donatello and Arctic Strike Batman figures.

It’s an amazing time for media based on my childhood, though (see: the pretty charming LEGO Batman movie), and my soul can finally be at rest with the knowledge that there’s a new movie on the way bringing the turtles and the bat together – and it looks damn cool.

The trailer shows off an immense cast of characters from both sides, as the Heroes in a Half-Shell find themselves in Gotham City as they pursue their nemesis, Shredder.

Batman doesn’t take kindly to their presence, leading to the inevitable showdown with the green teens, but I’m sure they’ll kiss and make up before taking the fight to the actual villains of the piece.

Unfortunately, unlike the brilliant (and Academy Award-winning) animated Spider-Man outing we were treated to recently, this one won’t be coming to theatres. It looks like a must-see, however, when it hits on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 31.

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