‘Beauty and the Geek’ star Aimee Woolley, who is starring in the current season of the reality show, has posted a photo showing her kissing former MAFS groom Dean Wells.

Dean originally posted a photo of the pair making out and Aimee reposted the story shortly after. The latter took the affectionate announcement one step further, by posting another photo of her and Dean making out on her grid and captioned it “Could this be my new geek?” However, she deleted the post shortly after.

Story of MAFS Dean and Beauty and the Geek Aimee kissing

Before Aimee got around to removing the eyebrow-raising pic, Dean slid into the comments section. “Haha I’m def not a geek babe,” he wrote.

It didn’t take long until Aimee’s fans started sharing their thoughts on the pic, with many writing negative comments.

“Here’s me thinking BATG shows you what real men are, unlike this guy,” one user wrote.

Another commented, “NOPEEEEEE.”

And, it’s not the first time that the former MAFS star has made (negative) headlines in recent weeks. Just last week, Dean decided to share his two cents on a post by celeb_spellcheck that attempted to guess an influencer’s undisclosed baby name.

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The former reality star harshly slammed a commenter on celeb_spellcheck’s post, who had innocently mused about the aforementioned influencer’s suspected baby name.

“Whinging about celebrities and astrology is your entire life,” Dean wrote. However, Dean’s uncalled comment was quickly called out by other users – including celeb_spellcheck themself.

@deanwells with all due respect, shut the fuck up,” the iconic celeb_spellcheck wrote. They added, “literally all you do is comment sexist, homophobic and racist things on everyone else’s page looking for attention. Bye 👋”

“Not a 40 year old man starting beef with strangers on a wednesday night over a lighthearted post, arguing with perfect strangers doesn’t make you a big man it makes you a big low life 🫶🏽 unfollow the account if it bothers you so much lmao [sic],” another social media user commented.

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