Melbourne locals The Beegles have taken what was honestly a choppy eponymous debut EP, and extrapolated by an infinite magnitude with the follow-up release of Daytime.

The band has expanded to a seven-or-so piece, incorporating synths, horns and wigged-out production, and the repertoire extends from bombastic all-out jaunts in intricate times to temperate, finger-picked freak-folk musings.

In half an hour The Beegles manage to tread more ground than most; the experimentalism still feels like it is yet to gel into a truly representative score, but you have to laud the bravery. Opener ‘My Head Exploded’ opens with an all-out horn driven riff into something like 9/4 before meandering into a groovy little lull pondering the benefits of… well, getting loaded. By the time the title track emerges later on, you’ve acclimatised to the all-encompassing sound and solid song craft.

With production values which give even the most exacerbated tracks an insular, intimate, old-worldly feel, this one is best heard through headphones.

Stay tuned for an inevitable adventurous future.

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