After spoiling a crowd of a few thousand Star Wars fans are the recent Disney conference with new visuals from the forthcoming Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, Disney have come good on their word to share the goods with the masses, dropping the ‘Special Look’ trailer far and wide today, and boy is it something.

The footage had those in attendance at D23 in a severe frenzy and now we can see why. The trailer pays homage to all the chapters in the saga to date, rolling through the titles in cinematic release while a foreboding narration, no doubt key to the Rise Of Skywalker plot, plays atop. It’s towards the end that Sith gets real, with some previously unreleased shots of the forthcoming epic.

Featuring shots of our favourite heroes – Rey, Poe and co, a ungodly fleet of star destroyers, a rebel fleet arriving from hyperspace no doubt just in the nick of time and what seems to be a Kyber crystal Death Star beam of sorts absolutely giving it to some nondescript planet; the final moments of the Special Look trailer pack a hell of a punch.

But wait, there’s more…

Following on from a shot of Kylo Ren and Rey locking lightsabres atop what appears to be a large piece of debris floating aimlessly in rough seas, we see Rey once more, only this time wrapped in a dark, Sith-like cloak holding a goddamn red duel lightsabre…that unfolds.

Just what the hell all this means is lightyears beyond us. What is obvious, however, is that The Rise Of Skywalker looks to have some authentic and detailed story to it. No more A New Hope re-boots, and hopefully no more entire character arcs that amount to nothing.

As per the Special Look footage, and the some of the other exciting Star Wars related announcements to come from D23 it’s starting to look a lot like our beloved Space opera is back in form.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is out in Australia on December 19.

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