For all those wondering what are the best indoor bouldering gyms in Sydney, we’ve put them all in a handy list for you.

We’ve cobbled together a list of the best indoor bouldering gyms in Sydney to get your wall crawling tendencies on.

So without further ado, here they are (in no particular order):

1. BlocHaus

The first of two new bouldering gyms that have opened in Sydney in 2020 alone, BlocHaus Marrickville is everything a climber could want.

It’s got a wide variety of problems catered everyone from newbies to veterans, a top-notch gym area to get the blood pumping, and even a tennis table spot for those who need a break between climbs.

And if you’re in the mood to chill, there’s plenty of room to do that and you can enjoy a coffee while doing so.

2. Nomad

Touting itself as one of the “largest bouldering gyms in the Southern Hemisphere” and managed by World Cup competitor Emma Horan, Nomad isn’t short on climbs, space, or talent to get newbies up to speed.

Boasting some of the most interesting bouldering problems in Sydney, Nomad is definitely a must visit should you happen to find yourself in Annandale with your bouldering gear.

3. 9 Degrees Waterloo

The second of the two new bouldering gyms that has opened in Sydney this year, 9 Degrees Waterloo has made a strong case as arguably the best (and largest) in Sydney.

There are a LOT of problems across all skill levels and there’s still more than enough left over space for a dedicated kilter board/moon board area, a cafe spot, and a shop.

And that’s not even taking into account that the planned gym area isn’t even ready yet.

4. 9 Degrees Alexandria

An oldie but a goodie, 9 Degrees Alexandria has been synonymous with quality bouldering for several years now.

Boasting a sizable space that contains problems of all kinds, a mini gym area, and a dedicated upstairs spot to just hang, it’s no surprise why Alexandria is a favourite place for climbers to wall crawl and/or chill.

5. Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym

Okay, this is cheating just a little bit as the Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym at St. Peters is known better for its indoor top rope climbing than for its bouldering.

However, the bouldering area is still pretty damn sweet (and challenging), so much so that it’s worth a mention on this list.

And besides, Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym is arguably the best place to use that harness that’s in the rock climbing prize pack we’re giving away.