Who doesn’t love holidays? Well now thanks to Tourism Australia, they’ve literally pinpointed which are the best days to actually jet off, as well as how long for.

So what does that mean? It means that you can actually get the maximum benefits from going on a vacay, if you know when you should be going. According to research from Tourism Australia, they have conducted a deep dive into how Aussies holiday, finding that 78% of Aussies who take longer holidays are far more likely to notice positive changes in their relationships and 83% of Aussies who do so are more productive at work.

They also found that of the 29.4 million overnight trips taken by Aussies during 2020, only 18% of these trips were longer than five nights. On the flipside, the report also showed revealed the benefits that travellers can experience when going on a holiday which lasted for five nights or more:

More likely to be productive at work, and take less sick days:

  • 83% of Aussies who have taken a big holiday are more likely to be productive.
  • 89% of people who haven’t enjoyed a big break have had five or more sick days in the last 12 months. A sharp increase compared to those who have taken a holiday (76% vs. 89%)

Better friends, partners and more sociable:

  • 78% of Aussies who took a big trip noticed positive changes in their relationships.
  • They are also almost twice as likely to be more intimate.

Happier and less irritable:

  • 53% of Aussies who took a big holiday reported improvements to their overall mood. A 19% uplift from those who have not taken a big trip.
  • Those who haven’t are more likely to struggle with routine activities such as making small talk with colleagues (35%) and checking off the to-do list (24%).

More likely to have healthy habits such as exercising and eating well:

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  • People that have travelled for five or more days were more active (32%) compared to those that hadn’t been away.
  • Aussies who take longer holidays are more likely to eat “healthy food” throughout the week (93%).

For more on this topic, follow the Travel Observer.

Below are the best days to take off to maximise your holidays:

StateDays to take offLeave takenLength of holiday 
ACTTuesday 1 June – Friday 4 June 20214 days9 days
WATuesday 6 June – Friday 9 June 20214 days9 days
ACT, NSW, NT, SA, TAS, VICTuesday 15 June – Friday 18 June 20214 days9 days
NTTuesday 3 August – Friday 6 August 20214 days9 days
ACT, NSW, QLD, SATuesday 5 October – Friday 8 October 20214 days9 days
TASFriday 22 October – Monday 25 October 20212 days5 days
VICMonday 1 November, Wednesday 3 November – Friday 5 November 20214 days9 days
ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, WA, VICWednesday 29 December – Friday 31 December 20213 days10 days
ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, WA, VICMonday 24 January – Tuesday 25 January 20222 days5 days
ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, WA, VICTuesday 19 April – Friday 22 April 20224 days11 days
QLD, NTTuesday 3 May – Friday 6 May 20224 days9 days