There’s no doubt that nail art is a craft that undoubtedly takes a long time to master – but there’s a fine line between art and straight-up cooked.

While many of the following nail art trends clearly took a lot of skill, time and effort, we just can’t picture a scenario in which one would require any of these extremely obscure options.

From vagina nails to werewolf nails, we present to you a round-up of the most bizarre nail art trends that we really hope don’t ever become a thing.

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Succulent Nail Art

Credit: Instagram

Despite how impressively intricate these succulent nails look, I can’t imagine anyone lasting more than a day with these unless they walk around wearing oven mitts, which clearly defeats the purpose of the whole nail art thing. Stick to showing off your actual plants, we say.

Bubble Nails

Credit: Facebook

I don’t know if anyone else read Duncan Ball’s book Emily Eyefinger about a girl named Emily who had an eye on her finger (duh) back in primary school –  but that is what this nail trend reminds me of and I don’t like it.

Pierced Nails

nail trend
Credit: Facebook

I’m not going to lie. Back in the ’90s, when I was eight years old, my friend got her nail pierced and I thought it was the ~sickest~ thing I’ve ever seen – so naturally, I decided to pierce my own. Needless to say, it very much did not work, and all I can say is do not try this.

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Vagina Nails

I’m not downplaying the obvious time and effort that went into this impressively elaborate vagina nail art, but just… Why though?

Denim Nails

nail art

A nail technician was recently trolled on social media over her take on the French tip which she had dubbed “denim nails”. The only thing is that the end result blatantly resembled what one’s fingertips might look like if they were a mechanic after a hard day’s work or went trawling through a dirt patch.

Werewolf Nails

Credit: Instagram

When you eat a sandwich would you get hair in your mouth? When you wash your hands does it look like a wet dog? I have so many questions that I don’t even want the answer to.

Cutlery Nails

Do you ever look at that pile of washing in your kitchen sink and think, “Man, I could really use some cutlery nails right now”. Yeah, neither – but maybe these people did because I have no other plausible explanation for why anyone would want to risk jabbing a mini spork in their eye every time they touched their face.